“It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.”

Cheryl Strayed


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy provides an opportunity for us to meet one-on-one in a supportive, intentional way.

Therapy can be a place to:

explore and heal past hurts

make sense of where we come from and where we are

cultivate skills to face hardships and navigate relationships

identify roadblocks to change

deeply contemplate how we want to live

It can be nourishing, nurturing, liberating, and transformative. It can also be vulnerable and hard.

I am here to support you at every step of this collaborative journey.


During our first appointment, we will collaborate to identify your areas of concern, discuss your wishes for yourself and your life and discern what feels important to you therapeutically. I will ask you questions about your history, community and life as a way of getting a sense of how your context has impacted your experiences.

If it feels like we would be a good fit, we will then plan to meet regularly at an agreed upon interval. We will check in along the way about how our work together is feeling and make changes as needed. I can also help refer you to other therapists I trust if need be.

Some clients find it helpful to remain in therapy indefinitely. Some hurts and traumas take an indefinite amount of time to heal. Some people find that ongoing therapy is a nourishing form of self-care. Other clients find that therapy is supportive for a season of life, and return when needed for a period of time.

If you would like to explore Individual Therapy as an option, please schedule a Free 15-minute Phone Consultation.

I am NOT offering any therapy groups right now, but please contact me with questions and check back for updates!

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a therapeutic modality that allows us the opportunity to receive support, feedback, reflection, healing and presence from a small group of peers, with the guidance of a facilitator.

Group Therapy can be a form of community care; an intentional space to come together on a regular basis.


If you are interested in joining Group Therapy, we will schedule an Initial Session. During this appointment, we will discuss your interest in Group Therapy and what attracts you about a particular group. I will provide an overview of the group and review group expectations. I will offer you space to ask questions.

It is common to feel nervous about joining Group Therapy. Many of us yearn to be vulnerable and deeply connected to others, and at the same time feel fearful of sharing of ourselves and worry about how we will be perceived. The good news is that most of us come to group with at least some of these overlapping fears, so from the very beginning we are not alone in our experience.

Please see below for Group Therapy offerings.

Creative Arts Support Group

Creative expression can be a powerful conduit for healing, a practice of being present, a method of processing the past and envisioning change, and a way of connecting with others through the creative process. This group will be a space where participants can be in community with one another while using creative arts prompts to explore their experiences. Members will be introduced to a variety of creative prompts, including drawing, collaging, still-life making, writing, journaling, etc.

This group could be a fit for you if: You are interested in self-reflection and exploration and open to witnessing this same process in your peers, you are drawn to the art/drawing/written word/creative expression and are curious about its potential to support healing and well being in your life, you find speaking up in groups and/or interpersonal relating challenging and are willing to explore whether self expression through a creative modality could be a helpful entry point or aid to being in community with others, or you have found talk therapy difficult and would like to try a new approach!

New Parent Support Group

Description to come shortly.

Pet Bereavement Support Group

Losing a pet companion is heartbreaking.

For many of us, our pets are our family members, best friends, and loyal company. They bring us daily joy, connection, care, and comfort. It can feel excruciating to endure their absence.

Pet loss is often not fully acknowledged in our larger culture as a valid form of grief, which can often make us feel isolated and alone in our pain. We need a space where we are allowed to grieve the death of our beloved pet, celebrate their lives and what they mean to us, and be around others who can relate to our experience.

This group could be a good fit for you if you have lost a pet and would like support in your grieving process by others who also grieving.

If you would like to explore Group Therapy as an option, please schedule a Free 15-minute Phone Consultation.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou